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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Secrets in Acting..Part 1

Acting is having the emotion that best fits the scene. An actor can not try to play effects of scene. If actor works without emotion, it will look like acting. An actor can't lie or do it without passion. It is about true feelings and true objectives: do not to be artificial, but be real.
No awareness of self is good acting. If you go back in your past, you are aware of self. Total abandon from actor. Instrument vibrating with feeling. Acting is the work of imagination. Accidental, wonderful things will come out of it.


Acting secret: (What is she going to do?) be the dark mystery, don't show the answer.
All drama is foreplay. Screwing is the end.
Difficulty, it is a contest.
Drama is difficulty.
Emotions. Secret of all drama: move people. All theater is about difficulty. Opposite of love is indifference, not hatred. to do
Give up the controls, hardest thing to learn in acting.
Humanity. That is the secret in all acting.
If I do this, is the next thing possible. (acting hint)
Learn directors secret: Right casting.
Look for all difficulties.
Play everything fully: that's the secret.
Remember: not just an actor but a counselor at a camp. Audience is like children, you have to keep their attention. Secret, it has to entertain.
Secret in acting: Look for all difficulties.
Secret of drama is difficulty.
Secret of mystery: the coiled snake.
That is the whole secret, the audience has to get involved. They don't just sit and watch or listen. They have to get into the situation of the character. They have to identify with them.
The secret of all comedy and all drama is difficulty.
The secret on how to be scary. Eichmann in the train station.
The secret is casting.
Secret of drama is difficulty.
Secrets of drama: What is recognizable to audience.
Secret of playing a hospital: Play against the fact it is a hospital, not into it, (like a morgue).
Strengthen the emotion. Actor emotionally charged.
The answer is, you have to make everything that happens meaningful.


Unexpected: secret of good drama.
Comedy, like drama, is difficulty.
Comic; audience demand actors to suffer. Grand opera. Catastrophe is the secret.
Secret of comedy, like drama, is difficulty. The secret of farce is suffering.
The secret of comedy is precision.
Secret of all comedy is difficulty, suffer. Comedy is the tragic clown.
The more you are in trouble the funnier it is. That is the secret of comedy.

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