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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yang..I miss you..

26 years ago..once in my life I was lost, I lived my life in the dark. Kegelapan tanpa mengerti apa itu kasih sayang..Macam2 problem.. problems.. pain, keseorangan..I fought my battles on my own...But then you came, and lit my life, and your light washed the darkness away...membawa sinar baru dalam hidup kawan..

Once I believed in nothing, now I believe in us...We'll face our trials together now, never be alone again, a bond, forged in love, not to be broken by jealousy, anger, or spite..tapi..kawan redha Yang..kekuatan cinta yang di bina tetap hidup kerana cinta kita masih ada..For as long as I live, we can live for each other with love, twice as strong together with than we ever were apart.If you know only one thing my love, know you'll always have my heart.

Yang..I love you so deeply, Kawan tahu awak sayang kawan..but I love you more. I love the sound of your voice suara yang kini menjadi terlalu kawan rindu untuk mendengarnya. Ciuman setiap pagi and the way that we touch. I love your warm smile..senyuman yang sentiasa membuat kawan menjadi sejuk And your kind caring, thoughtful way.

Hari-hari bersama awak membawa sejuta kegembiraan..The joy that you bring to my life every day. I love you today. As I have from the start. I dream of your touch while you are away, I dream of your smile all through the day .I will always worship the times we have and hold dear to my heart the linger of her last touch; until we meet again..InsyaAllah pada masa yang hanya boleh ditentukan oleh Tuhan And I'll love you forever With all of my heart....

Al-Fatihah buat isteriku tercinta...Siti Rohani Wahid

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