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Saturday, April 9, 2011

MOMOK.Jangan Panggil Aku(Don't Call Me)

MOMOK..Jangan Panggil Aku (Don't Call Me) 5.5.2011!


The upcoming movie (5.5.2011) Momok ....Jangan Panggil Aku .."'Don't Call Me "Ramlee receive a call from his old friend Faizal to come to kampung pulau rusa in pahang for his “kenduri”. The road trip takes place on the highway to Pahang ,With his two friend Qaseh an writer who writes supernatural novels and Sudin their close friends prepare to drive to Pahang .Qaseh decide to divert into one of her many ghost stories from her upcoming novels that features ghost like hantu raya ,polong ,hatu saka and many more.

As the stories get intense they come across real supernatural insidens along the highway, to make matter scarier they see what is know to all as supoernatural legends they see a yellow volkeswagon driving along the highway on its own, they hit a mysterious phantom and they stop by a nearby town to make a polis report where they find to their surprised that they were five similar cases repoirted that night but the polis still don;t know what to make of it.

On the continuing road trip they pick up two more passengers a young girl named ita and old man called Abang Long who inturn starts his own tales of ghostly encounter, thinking this is a great stuff for her book they listen to pak long ghostly tales. They were shock to see that Ita stays at a old house near the cementary but Abang Long decided to follow the trio all the way to Faizal house and then a nother call from Faizal suprises them even more by telling them to hurry up even though the event is in the late morning .

Another isupernatural incident at the stall made them even more frighten so they decided to go as quickly to Faizal 's kampung they got lost as they seach for ther friend house just a few hours before sunrise they were attacked by ghost only Qaseh manage to be brave as her two friends fainted from they regain consiousness they found that Abang Long the old man has also disapeared and they find faizal standing infront of their car pointing to direction of his house.As they come to Faizal house they journey ends with another shock ....

Who or what did they encounter during their road trip to faizal house and who is Abang Long and Ita are the mystries that will unravel Momok...Jangan Panggil Aku....Coming to the theatres near you 5.5.2011!

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